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$ - ThrillZone Activity Packages

$ - Kidz Club

$ - Babysitting Queenstown

* Activity Packages vary in price / Kidz Club per child hour rate

Babysitting Queenstown

Whether you need a last-minute babysitter in Queenstown, a nanny for the week, or someone to watch the children while you head out for a romantic evening, Babysitting Queenstown can help.

We know your little one is the most precious part of your world, and we will provide them with the best care, while you go out and enjoy everything Queenstown has to offer. Perhaps you need a night together to explore the excellent restaurants and wine bars, or a whole day to try one of Queenstown’s many adventures, we have an expert babysitter to keep your little ones safe while you’re having fun!

Step into THRILL ZONE - a fun, high energy and adrenaline-fuelled experience right in the heart of Queenstown! Choose from a huge range of indoor activities suitable for everyone...

Vortex 12D Motion Theatre

Vortex is our Motion Theatre, combined with up to 12 awesome special effects such as snow, rain, fog, and a few other surprises. Stimulate your senses with this unique movie journey that is designed to fully immerse you! With an incredible selection of over 80 rides to suit all ages & tailor-made in your own private theatre.

Hologate VR -  Multiplayer Virtual Reality

Our amazing Omni VR is a state-of-the-art multiplayer virtual gaming adventure that completely immerses you into different worlds. Equipped with special shoes Omni VR is the only VR experience that allows you to physically RUN the virtual dimensions whilst playing the games! You decide if you play as a team or compete against your friends.

Tactical Laser Tag & Heroblast

Welcome to Queenstown’s 360° Battleground for TACTICAL Laser Tag and Heroblast.  Discover strategic combat when playing different gaming scenarios like a sniper, team deathmatch, free for all and more... All with your very own referee and game modes individually tailored to your group size. Our Tippmann guns are also used in the army for military training.

Paintless Paintball

Paintless Paintball is the coolest way to play paintball without any of the mess - but still packs that paintball punch when you’re hit. We provide a safe playing environment with inflatable barriers, having all games closely refereed and providing head and body armour.

Bazooka Ball

Bazooka Ball is an awesome variation of Paintless Paintball suitable for all ages! This exciting new combat game gives you all the entertainment of paintball! Using specially made foam balls, fired from a uniquely designed barrel of a paintball gun.

Putt’N’Glow Mini Golf

Queenstown iconic features make up this immersive and stimulating course!  Putt’N’Glow has a variety of holes all lit up by blacklight, following theme’s that we think make Queenstown so great. Head down to Thrillzone to get your glow on, Putt your skills to the test in the only indoor mini-golf Queenstown has to offer!


Everyone wins when you treat your kids to Queenstown’s ONE & ONLY Kidz Club! Leave them with us for fun and entertainment while you enjoy the town at your own pace.  Kids enjoy unlimited access and free reign over all activities on offer at Thrillzone! A dedicated member of staff will guide the kids during their entire stay with us! We will make sure your kids leave with a smile! 🙂 This is more than just a babysitting service! A great package deal that allows your children to experience all of our great products as well as FREE drinks!  We offer hourly packages as well as half or full days. Some of our options also include complimentary lunch/dinner.  Kidz Club Queenstown is perfect for ages 4-13 years!


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