Queenstown Activities

Queenstown Info Guide Summer 2021/22Queenstown is New Zealand’s most popular visitor destination, and with its picture-perfect scenery and endless activities, it’s easy to see why.

Here at Planit Bnb, we plan your trip ahead of time! Giving you more time to enjoy our beautiful little adventure town. Our travel experts live, work and play in Queenstown.  We are at your disposal with any requests, from the moment you make contact until the time you say goodbye.

We can recommend and book activities accessing real-time availability, promotional and special pricing, and value add offers by being connected to all things local. Planit Bnb does it all plus more.

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Vehicle Hire

Touch down, grab your keys and start exploring

Milford Sound Tours

Jaw-dropping scenery meets unspoilt nature. Sail effortlessly across the glassy water-top, how’s that sound?

Jet Boat Tours

Up to 95Kph of speed. Down to 5cm of water. Time to see how white those knuckles can go.


Gravity is a playground. Grab a Bungy and conquer the mother of all adrenaline highs.

Doubtful Sound

Have you heard the sound of silence? You will. Fewer crowds, more “wows”. Gaze at Milford’s secret big brother.

Queenstown Lake Tours

A shimmering jewel atop a crown of wilderness, soaked in Māori legend. Lake Wakatipu’s’ waves brush softly at Queenstown shores.

Extreme Swing

Forget what you know about swings. The largest swing in the world takes it to a new level. Bring a friend, swinging always works better in pairs.

Scenic Flights

Soar above the world’s most majestic landscapes. A guaranteed window-seat awaits you on the flight of your life.

Wine Tours

136 wineries call Central Otago home. Learn about the delicacies these fruits offer; Or get sozzled in the sun with gourmet food on tap.

Outdoor Activities

Dive into the most incredible adventure activities this rugged landscape offers. White water rafting, off-roading and canyoning; The only problem is fitting it all in!

Paraglide / Hang Glide

Don’t soar like a bird. Soar WITH the birds. Experience the closet thing to flying 15 minutes from your front door.


Dominate the skies (and your fears) from 15,000ft. With freefall lasting 60 seconds, you’ll be telling this story for years to come.


Excitement for thrill-seekers big and small. Zip across the Queenstown’s Ever-green tree-line; Even Tarzan and Jane will be jealous.

LOTR Tours

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” – Evil jewellery and hairy feet not included.

Indoor / Family

Fight the fuss and hold back the hubbub. If the weather turns sour, take the family indoors—immersive Interactive experiences for kids and “big kids” all year round.

Spa / Relaxation

Hot tub + Sauna + Hills of rolling green = Bliss. Indulge in a little “you” time.